Secondary School Leadership Conference - Giving Back to The Community

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

- Malcolm X


This relevant, dynamic leadership program is focused on developing both individual and collective leadership skills with a focus on "Giving Back to The Community". Students come as individuals (and work in groups) or as a group from their school student councils, athletic councils, arts councils, clubs/committees, and/or a variety of advocacy groups. Students will be given opportunities to explore and strengthen their own voice as leaders and advocates in their schools and communities. Students will play a critical role in helping the group to achieve their goals back at their school and motivate students to give back in the community.  



Secondary School Students 


9pm - 4pm

Registration opens at 8:30


RIM Park, 2001 University Ave. East Waterloo, Ontario

Additional Info

All Secondary School students welcome! Guest speakers, round table discussions and leadership activities will make this day interactive and engaging! For further information or inquires please contact [email protected].

Conference Date

Nov 29, 2023

Program Fee

$110.00 + HST = $124.30

If you are unable to register online or require registration assistance call (705) 689-5572.