About Us

Just a few reasons why you should come to OELC!

Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Couchiching, OELC has been providing leadership development opportunities to students from across Ontario since 1948.  Each of our 14 unique leadership courses are developed and delivered by professionals, primarily teachers.  They focus on engaging and educating youth to maximize their potential as leaders, encouraging them to become responsible and participating citizens in their schools, communities and beyond.  Whether it is through the arts, athletics, school governance or global issues, our courses help Ontario youth get in touch with their leader within.

Our Vision    

Empowering leadership.

Our Mission

We empower leadership for all through innovative, experiential learning to inspire change.

Imagining possibilities….creating a difference 


OELC/CASO empowers leadership through:

  • Innovation and Excellence
  • Reflection and Transformation
  • Equity and Inclusivity
  • Well-being and Connections
  • Environmental Awareness and Sustainability
  • Transparency and Accountability