Teacher Facilitator

OELC is a very special place and one that has great impact and influence on those who attend. We believe that a large part of the formula for this success is due to those who staff our courses.  Our Teacher Facilitators (TFs) are selected based on their passion, commitment and understanding of leadership, their educational expertise, and their belief in a student’s potential for personal growth, development and positive impact! Click here to view a complete role description. If you feel you have the “right stuff” please...

Youth Facilitator

Our elementary and intermediate courses have Youth Facilitators (YFs) as part of the course staff.  YFs stay in cabins with students and are selected from a fine group of OELC graduates who have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills, compassion, reliability and maturity. Click here to view a complete role description.

Please note that it is most common to be offered a position as a YF for only one session of an intermediate level course.  This is not a full-time summer position.  

If you are a recent alumnus of an OELC course and believe you have the skill set to be a Youth Facilitator, please...

Medical Facilitator

We are looking for a caring individual to help support the health and safety of our leaders and staff this summer! The Medical Facilitator will oversee student and staff medical information, promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, in addition to responding to medical emergencies.

Click here to view a complete role description.

If you feel like you have the "right stuff" please...

Administrative Assistant

We are on the hunt for a staff member who will contribute to OELCs goal to help inspire the leaders of today, and tomorrow. The Administrative Assistant will manage the site office and support the project manager and summer program staff to ensure day to day operations run smoothly.

Click here to view a complete role description.

If you want to be apart of the OELC team please...