Course Nomination Process

Since 1948 it has been an honour for students from across Ontario to attend an OELC course – and this tradition continues today!

Each student who attends OELC must be supported in their application by either a teacher or principal.  A thousand plus schools in the province have sent students over the years and these schools know to nominate students and make them aware of our programs.  New schools may not yet be aware of our stellar programs.  During the registration process you will be asked to provide the name and e-mail of the person who supported your application.

Some courses may have specific participant criteria.  This information can be found within the individual course description, if applicable. Please see our course outlines for detailed descriptions of each leadership course and to register for that course.

To ensure province-wide participation, travel subsidies are available for students from remote areas.  Please contact us with any travel bursary inquiries.