Climate Change Innovation Lab

Course Description

Young people in Ontario and around the world have spoken up for our urgent climate crisis. We hear you, we stand behind you and we are cheering you on. We believe this current generation of youth are leading positive
change to address this global issue. We know that when youth take local action, it makes a global impact.
That's why we are inviting YOU to join us at the Climate Change Innovation Lab. Together the youth of Ontario can and will make a difference. 
We invite you to get outside with us at our beautiful setting on Lake Couchiching. You will have the opportunity to connect with nature and like-minded people as well as be mentored by environmental educators, conservation experts, community activators, youth leaders and work with innovative Teacher Facilitators. 
We want to celebrate the service leadership you bring to our OELC community, your local community and our global community. Successful participants will receive 10 community service hours towards their high school
diploma and a certificate of completion from OELC.
Apply today as limited spots are available.  Participation subsidies are available for those facing barriers.
Application is simple, you can do it in less than 30 mins.

Who are we looking for?

Have you attended a climate strike in your local community? Are you a leader in your school? Are you a supporter of green initiatives? Do you want to be part of the solution and do more for our planet? Maybe you lead by example. Maybe you are someone that cares an awful lot about the effects of climate change on people, wildlife and future generations around the world. Maybe you already have ideas and projects that you want to put into action. If this sounds like you, then we want YOU to apply. We are looking for 100 young leaders to join us, collaborate on big ideas and take action to disrupt the status quo. Out of province and out of country participants are welcome to apply!

What will we do?

The goal is to re-imagine and take action towards a greener and more sustainable future. We will put our diverse experiences and minds together to brainstorm, co-create and develop ideas for local action. We will build our climate advocacy toolbox and continue to practice our leadership skills. We will roll up our sleeves in the local community surrounding OELC and volunteer on conservation projects. We will build and expand our network of peers, mentors, and professionals. We will hear from experts, share their experiences and
resources in the field of conservation and climate action. Together we are making a plan to take action.
Together our actions will make an impact!

Apply Now!

Applications can be written (500 words or less) or through a 2-minute video (paste link into application form).

Click the link below to apply for Climate Change Innovation Lab.

Apply for Climate Change Innovation Lab

Information you will need to fill out the application:
Name, Grade, City/Town, School name

You will be answering the following:
What motivates you to contribute to climate change?
What have you done so far in your steps to help address climate change?
What is the impact you hope to make in the future?

Applications are due by April 15, 2020. Successful candidates will be notified by email by May 15, 2020.


Jun 24


Jun 27


4 Days / 3 Nights

Program Fee

$400.00 + HST = $452.00

Uniform Fee

$39.00 + HST = $44.07

Registration will be open to approved applicants upon notification

Register and pay for this course online
If you are unable to register online or require registration assistance call (705) 689-5572.

Things you will need to complete your online registration

To register online, you'll need your school and board information, the name of the teacher or principal who nominated/supported your attendance and their e-mail, and a Visa or MasterCard.

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