Arts: Emerging Leadership

The secret of life is in Art.

- Oscar Wilde

Course Description

The Arts: Emerging Leadership course challenges students to continue to develop leadership skills by
exploring various art forms. The ideal candidate is not necessarily a student who is a ‘master musician, actor, artist, or dancer’ but one who has an interest in the arts and in particular, a student with leadership potential. Students will
engage in self-selected workshops, leadership development activities and arts majors that will inspire them to learn more about themselves and others. Students will identify ways in which the program teachings may be used in their individual schools and/or communities.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

• Identify and develop their own leadership style

• Build skills in communication, resilience and teamwork

• Engage and collaborate with like-minded students from across Ontario

Advanced Leadership Program

  • OELC alumni may participate in our Advanced Leadership Program
  • Students create, organize and lead an evening event
  • This program provides a real-world opportunity for students to demonstrate their leadership skills

The Arts

Art Majors
Each day students will explore their chosen art form (Music, Drama, Creative Dance & Movement, Visual Arts, Innovative Arts). Arts majors include:

• Music: Students are encouraged to explore their passion for music through both instrumental and voice. Students who play instruments are encouraged to bring them to OELC. They will explore music and leadership through creative activities such as improvisation and composition.

• Drama: Students will explore various dynamic forms of dramatic art, including improvisation, tableau, and dramatic movement. Focusing in particular on how to create impactful pieces of dramatic art working as a team.

• Visual Arts: Students will have an opportunity to work with many different mediums (drawing, painting, sketching, sewing, sculpting) and explore topics they are passionate about. They will explore various forms of visual art, and discuss the impact that art can have on our culture.

• Creative Dance & Movement: Students explore leadership and artistry through various forms of creative movement and dance. Focusing in particular on the process of expressing and experiencing dance and
movement-building as a team.

New Major - Innovative Arts: This major provides students with an opportunity to cre-ate an amazing multi-arts project. It is appropriate for students with lots of interests in different forms of art, who are also interested in collaborating on a week-long project with other students. Our Innovative Arts space in-cludes: video cameras, digital still cameras, wood & woodworking tools, printers, fabric, musical recording equip-ment, a dance area, a green screen, creative writing materials and more.

Other Activities

Students choose from a wide variety of options each day (eg: Greek dancing, photography, Makerspace) . Workshops are staff facilitated based on an area of expertise and/or passion.

Choir + Groove

  • A full-course initiative that combines both music and movement
  • An opportunity to build community and inspire students to take risks and step outside of their comfort zones 

Additional Activities

  • Staff Show
  • Square Dance
  • Choice Activities
  • Leader Led Activity
  • iArts Got Talent
  • Fireside
  • FUNN
  • Phys Ed
  • TNT (Totally Nutty Teamwork)