Grade 6 Leadership for Innovation and Creativity

Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times.

Course Description

Grade 6 Leadership for Innovation and Creativity was formerly called Leadership for the Intellectually Curious Learner.  It is offered to Grade 6 students who may be described as just that - intellectually curious and is geared for those who thrive when given opportunities to be innovative and creative as they explore relevant and exciting issues in their world. The course is designed to engage students in a journey of self-discovery and acceptance as they develop the leadership skills necessary to effectively combine their ‘gift(s) with their passions’ to make positive contributions to the world. This course is also appropriate for those students who are identified as gifted. Students will be involved in leadership development sessions and social justice workshops as well as a range of optional outdoor recreational activities. 

Please note:  Teachers are welcome to come to this course with a group of students from their school.  Perhaps consider bringing a contingent of Grade 6 students who would benefit from developing leadership competencies that they can take back to their schools. 

Leadership Development Sessions

Sessions focus on:

  • Developing a sense of belonging, inclusion, purpose and self-mastery
  • Developing, an understanding of each individual’s unique needs, interests, strengths, challenges
  • Identifying areas of growth and strategies to foster that growth e.g. social interactions, working as part of a team, communication skills, conflict resolution, problem-solving, etc.

Social Justice Workshops

Students have a choice of three different workshops that explore, through a range of interactive approaches, social justice issues, events, situations at the school, community and global level. The purpose of each workshop is to provide students the opportunity to develop a greater awareness of their own gifts and high-interests and how they can be used to support school, community and global initiatives. Students explore the question: “who am I and how can I be an agent of positive change?”

Sample workshops are:

  • Designing Your Future through Drama
  • Social Activism Creating change in your schools & world through group investigations and multi-media presentations

Outdoor / Recreational Activities

Students have a choice of many outdoor/recreational activities designed to promote participation, cooperation and just plain fun!

Activities include:

  • Board Games Night
  • Enviro-Art, Natural Graffiti
  • Cooperative Games/activities frisbee golf, juggling, power yoga, hiphop
  • Morning broadcast