Grade 6 SPARC Leadership Course

Course Description

Calling all playmakers, game changers, movers and shakers! Do you find joy in physical activity, play and movement?! The Grade 6 Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (SPARC) Leadership course at OELC is for you. SPARC Leadership will focus on developing leadership skills and self-awareness through movement, team building activities and play. Students will be introduced to a variety of ways in which they can be positive contributors to the culture of physical activity and well-being in their schools and local communities (eg. intramural programming; school-wide activity days, student/athletic councils). Students will connect with like-minded youth from around the province to exchange ideas that will enrich their leadership journey and make their schools and communities a better place to play!

Leadership Development Activities

Leadership Development Activities will focus on:

  • Developing a sense of belonging, inclusion, purpose and self-mastery
  • Developing, an understanding of each individual’s unique needs, interests, strengths, challenges
  • Identifying areas of growth and strategies to foster that growth e.g. social interactions, developing resilience, working as part of a team, communication skills, conflict resolution, problem-solving, etc.


Students will have the choice of a variety of experiential workshops in which they will explore new leadership skills and their use in different situations. With the theme of well-being and physical activity in mind, workshops will provide the opportunity for young leaders to see themselves both as leader and follower. The purpose of each workshop is to provide students the opportunity to develop a greater awareness of their own strengths and sense of self. Connections will be made as to how students can harness their leadership potential to make a positive impact on the well-being of those around them, at school and in their local community.

Outdoor Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in many inclusive outdoor activities such as low ropes, climbing wall, outdoor cooperative games and traditional sports with a twist to make them enjoyable for all involved! All activities are challenge by choice ensuring student voice to be heard in support of their development, comfort and growth!