Mindful Leadership

Great leaders have three things; inner light, inner vision and inner strength.

- A.R.

Course Description

Experience the power of Mindful Leadership through the Yoga and Meditation Certificate stream of Secondary Athletics, week 1. Students will learn yoga and meditation techniques to be able to lead sessions when returning to their home schools.  Not only will participants earn these practical and resume enhancing certifications, but they will also be able to use the skills learned in these practices to make them calm, effective and centered leaders.

Through the use of meditation, students will learn how to mitigate negative self-talk and ground anxieties. These techniques will help them be more effective leaders. They will learn yoga poses that open the chest and teach them how to lead with vulnerability. Key learnings form this experience can be taken "off the mat", transferred to everyday life where participants will inspire others through a calm and effective style of leadership. Many Ivy League schools incorporate meditation into their courses, knowing that a calm mind ensures more productive, effective and creative leadership.

Mindful Leadership participants will be integrated in cabins and leadership development sessions as well as enjoy free-time and meals with other secondary students participating in Secondary Athletics, the Youth Facilitator in Training Course and the Course for Credit (PLF4M). For the balance of their dual-certificate program, participants will be with their instructor and Mindful Leadership peers.

Note: To register you must select Secondary Athletics I and then the Mindful Leadership option.

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Specific leadership development sessions give students opportunities to explore various components of leadership: leadership styles, effective communication, group dynamics, problem-solving, organizational skills, and risk-taking in a non-threatening and encouraging environment and through well-planned experiential learning activities. Students will have the opportunity to apply many of these skills as they put on an activity for the entire Centre.

Opportunities for debriefing and reflection contribute greatly to the personal growth of students. Through the skilled facilitation of our teachers, often the greatest learning is reinforced through the analysis of elements which contribute to or detract from the success of an activity or challenge.


Students will complete 24-hours worth of training specific to the Mindful Leadership course. Participants will earn their Yoga Exercise Specialist Level 1 and Meditation Specialist Level 1 through a Physical Education Specialist and Certified East to West Yoga Trainer.

The Mindful Leadership experience will be a mix of theory, practice and action planning to make a difference upon returning home. Time will be spent not just learning about poses but how to take their learnings "off the mat" and how to empower and inspire those in their immediate world.

Participants of all abilities are welcome to participate in this course. No background experience necessary.


During this course, through 24 course hours, students will earn two certificates:

  1. Yoga Exercise Specialist Level 1 (delivered by East to West Yoga an RYT yoga studio)
  2. Meditation for Yoga Level 1 (delivered by East to West Yoga an RYT yoga studio)

As a result of these certificates, students will be able to:

  • Transfer learning to make them more effective/mindful leaders in any setting.
  • Teach yoga and meditation to their peers/family.
  • Place certificates on their resumes to show their professional development.
  • Explore 25-hours of additional anatomy training prior or post-completion to use these certifications to teach in some gym settings or at resorts. (Some facilities may require you to be 18 years or older).
  • Cultivate their own yoga and meditation practice to complement their personal mental health and well-being.

Additional Info

The program fee of $1215.00 includes our standard Secondary Athletics I fee ($715.00) and the Mindful Leadership Fee for the professional certificates ($500.00)


Jun 29


Jul 5


7 Days / 6 Nights

Program Fee

$1,215.00 + HST = $1,372.95

Uniform Fee

$99.00 + HST = $111.87

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