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OELC Teacher Facilitator (TF) Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre (OELC). Please find below an application form, along with some additional information, pertaining to the Teacher Facilitator position.

Please Note: Each OELC leadership course hires a distinct staff. Hiring is conducted by the administrative team for each course, in consultation with the Executive Director. The availability of Teacher Facilitator positions varies with each year and from course to course (staff members from previous years are given first priority to return). As Teacher Facilitator positions become available, we will draw from these applications to hire qualified educators and professionals that represent the diversity of Ontario’s student population and communities.

Application Instructions

Please complete and submit the application form. You may also include a brief cover letter indicating your past or current involvement with OELC and how, as a Teacher Facilitator, you will help our students achieve the following goals with respect to our leadership courses:

Based on the principles of democratic education, the leadership courses at the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre enable youth to discover their full potential while developing skills to work towards a visions of a more just and vital school and community.

Each OELC Course will:

  • Engage and educate youth so that they can return to their schools and communities ready to make a positive difference;
  • Maximize the potential of emerging leaders towards becoming responsible and participating citizens in their school and beyond;
  • Provide youth with the opportunity to develop connections with other young community leaders across Ontario;
  • Create safe learning environments where the disposition and skill to dialogue across difference can be nurtured, where diversity is welcomed, conflict is accepted and negotiated and critical questions are encouraged;
  • Allow participants the gain new insights, examine learned behaviors, challenge biases and become empowered agents of change;
  • Design opportunities for young people to imagine and create other possibilities for themselves

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Applicant Information

Cover Letter & Resume

Leadership Courses

Please check the leadership course(s) you would like to apply for. Additional course information can be found here.

*Please note course staff will be asked to arrive at OELC 1 or 2 days prior to the day listed above for staff training and course preparation.

Thank you for your interest in OELC!