COVID-19 Update

In March, we promised that we would let our supporters and registrants know by April 30 th whether OELC-CASO would be holding courses for 2021.

As you all know Covid-19 has created unprecedented challenges for the world. For our educational community, it has been difficult for both our teachers and students across Ontario. School closings have forced students to learn on-line instead of being in class with their friends. Teachers have been faced with learning new systems and dealing with the stress of the multiple transitions from in person to remote learning.

All of this is part of the Covid-19 pandemic and its various restrictions which have caused disruption for families throughout Ontario. Since most of our staff comes from the educational community, we have consulted with them, and they have told us the pandemic has taken its toll on them, and they need a chance to rest and re-energize for September.

As a result, our board has decided not to host any courses for 2021. As an organization, we are not willing to risk the health and well-being of our staff and students. Our programs welcome a new group of specialized teacher facilitators and young people weekly. This scenario makes following strict Covid- 19 protocols safely nearly impossible.

For the fall, we will be announcing a number of new graduated leadership certification programs for 2022.

Announcing another year without seeing our new young leaders and returning participants is disappointing for all of us. However, our Board of Directors will always believe that creating a safe and caring environment for our OELC family is the most important role we can play. We ask for your understanding and ongoing support as we prepare OELC-CASO for the future.

Together we can make a difference.

Stay well,


Karen Albertson, President

Karen Albertson,
President of the Board