Fall CARE Package

OELC/CASO CARES, Community Action Ripple Effect Strategy (CARES), will support our leaders to create connections in their home communities. This Fall’s offerings will focus on the development of resilience for our young leaders as they return to school during this time. This Fall CARE Package is here to help you manage and grow through these unprecedented times. Based on positive psychology founder Martin Seligman’s principle of PERMA: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievement; youth will be provided intentional opportunities to connect with one another, direct energy toward purpose and reflect on their growth as they face this school year and the uncertainties.

Through this OELC/CASO Fall CARE Package, leaders will receive a number of items to inspire connection, community, self-awareness, self-care and purpose. The Fall CARE package will include our ever popular OELC/CASO gear, a collection of self-care items, ripple effect challenge items and a Resilient Me Journal. The Resilient Me Journal (Version 2.0) includes writing prompts, an action planning template and other tips and tricks to inspire growth that will spark awareness, creativity, gratitude and reflection.

A fresh round of OELC/CASO gear, delivered in an organic washable Fluf backpack, amongst other iconic OELC/CASO items, will help them "gear-out", connecting them to a community of changemakers creating a ripple effect of positivity across the province! Refill option is available for those who received the Summer self-CARE Package!

Care Package Contents

OELC/CASO Gear - ie. OELC/CASO backpack, OELC crew neck, OELC sweat pants , leader t-shirt, and bucket hat.

*NOTE: Backpack colour choices include mid-blue, smoke grey and yellow. Colours available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Resilient Me Journal (Version 2.0) - Prompting self awareness, reflection, purpose, action planning and personal narrative development, this journal will help leaders:

  • Articulate personal values.
  • Connect with where they are at.
  • Reflect on personal emotion, aspirations and growth.
  • Write the future they see for themselves.
  • Find joy and positivity in the moment.
  • And more!

Fall CARE items - A variety of items to help you get back into the swing of school during this unique year. The CARE items features the Touché Tool created by OELC/CASO Alumni, as well as notebook, water bottle, buff (refreshen your mask supply), lanyard, folders, and more!

Ripple Effect Challenge Items - Small initiatives to create community and connection; inspiring self-care and the care of those around: ie. Escape Room Greeting Card, garbage bags for a personal garbage audit, Take What You Need Posters, Post-Its, and more!

Other Fun Items - Some items are just plain fun… for straight up FUN!

Refill Option

Did you receive our Summer self-CARE Package? This Refill is designed for you!

The Refill option provides additional savings for those who have already received the Summer self-CARE Package.

What’s the difference between the Fall CARE Package and the Refill? The Refill is for those who received the Summer self-CARE Package but would like a top-up on new OELC/CASO swag for the school year, unique items, and even more possibilities for Community Action Ripple Effect!

Will there be a new Resilient Me Journal? No, not exactly. However, there will be a new Fall edition of the Resilient Me Journal (Version 2.0) with new reflection questions, new creative pages and new challenges. You’ll also receive a hardcopy of the journal this time!

How it works

Register for your self-CARE Package through our registration link below.

Power Up Get the most out of the Fall CARE Package by pairing it with the 12 Week Fall Changemakers Leadership Course. This “Power-Up” qualifies for a $50 discount. When registering click “Fall CARE Package + COURSE POWER UP”. For more details on this course go to the Changemakers Leadership Course

2020 OELC/CASO Crest & Certificate - In December, students will complete the end of course survey and share with us their feedback around their participation, experience and ideas for positive change to receive their 2020 OELC/CASO Crest and Certificate.

Delivery - Where possible, packages ordered by October 7th will be delivered to your doorstep, respecting social distancing by an awesome OELC/CASO staff member on Saturday, October 17th!

Handling - Shipping will be arranged as an alternate method of delivery. All packages will include an overview of our safe handling processes to ensure your health and safety.

Financial Support - If you are interested in this opportunity but are experiencing a financial barrier to being able to do so, please tell us through this form and we will work to acquire funding support for you! The Funding Support Form takes 3-5 minutes to complete.

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Saturday, October 17th

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