SHSM Certifications

Course Description

OELC courses concentrate on leadership skills and abilities that will support and assist students in their leadership endeavours in their home schools and communities, and in preparation for the workforce. Each of our courses focuses on individual leadership styles, team dynamics and collaboration, communication, creative problem-solving, and organizational skills. For this reason, responsibility, inclusivity, community and global awareness are components of every course.  We focus on engaging and educating youth to maximize their potential as leaders, encouraging them to participate and positively contribute in their schools, communities and beyond!  Courses at the OELC are led and supported by qualified Teachers.


Innovative OELC leadership development sessions are carefully planned to build students capacity for community building, teamwork, communication, inclusion, and developing a commitment and a sense of responsibility to their group. Students will further learn about their role as leaders in their school and how to develop positive school climates.

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Workshops consist of experiential learning opportunities that take place in indoors and outdoors led by experienced Teacher Facilitators, Outdoor Educators and Guest Facilitators.  Each workshop is special and provides students with unique ideas that teach them about themselves and others.  Experiences in workshops can positively affect their school and their communities. Workshops may include group initiatives, low ropes course, team building maze, escape rooms, Sherpa Walk, etc.


During their time at the OELC, students will participate in several round table discussions. Students will develop topics and then lead the discussion in this very powerful student voice session.  The goal of the session is to allow students to speak freely about their issues that greatly affect them.  At the end, students create action statements that can affect change in the lives of themselves and others.


The OELC offers SHSM certifications through experiential workshops:


Communication Skills

Conflict Resolution

Group Dynamics

Personality Inventory

Customer Service

Equity and Inclusion

Ethical Considerations



Upon completion, students will receive a certificate for each SHSM certification completed. 


Sep 21, 2022

Sep 21, 2022


Sep 22, 2022

Sep 23, 2022


2 Days / 1 Night

3 Days / 2 Nights

Program Fee

$230.00 + HST = $259.90

$345.00 + HST = $389.85

If you are unable to register online or require registration assistance call (705) 689-5572.

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