Intermediate Youth Leadership

Starting Local – Going Global

Course Description

Our Intermediate Youth Leadership course (formerly Intermediate School Leadership) is focused on developing students’ leadership qualities and skills. The ideal candidate is someone who enjoys working in large groups but also reflecting individually. Regardless of where a student is on their leadership development journey, they can find relevance in the supports in this course. From students taking their first leadership step, to students starting a climb up a mountain, we have leadership pathways for all. The emphasis of this course is on the development of leadership qualities and skills through a series of leadership development sessions, workshops and both large and small group activities, to name a few. Our hope is that students leave feeling more comfortable using their leadership skills in their classrooms, school and communities.

Leadership Development

  • Students are presented with different aspects of leadership and given the opportunity to discover their own personal style of leadership through a series of activities
  • A large portion of the leadership development sessions revolve around emotional intelligence (EI).  Students are provided with opportunities, activities and tools to support their EI development and personal reflection, all of which can be taken back to their classrooms, schools and communities.
  • This course also helps support students with their operational management skills.  Students will prepare and run a community service event that addresses a current event/topic in their school or community.
  • On the last day students invite their parent/guardian to participate in a short recap of one of the leadership development activities they participated in during the course.


  • Our Teacher Facilitators create diverse, inclusive, activity-based workshops that build and enhance student leadership qualities and skills such as collaborative problem-solving, communication, inclusion, goal setting and conflict resolution.
  • Students will select a number of workshops based on their interest.  Topics include:
    • Right to Play
    • Dance Tableaus
    • Talkin’ Rhythms
    • The Voice
    • Orienteering
    • The Wall
    • Crack the Code
    • Flight 999
    • Knot Me
  • It is our hope that students will share their workshop experiences with not only their cabin mates, but also teachers and students back at their home schools

Other Activities

Trust Activities

  • Students are exposed to different situations where building trust is needed for a successful team outcome.  Many of these activities are done in our low ropes course.

Team Building

  • Students are engaged in learning about team dynamics and team building through many cooperative activities.

Round Table Discussions

  • Students are given the opportunity to put forth topics that their peer group would like to discuss.  With the support of our Youth Facilitators, students are given the chance to have authentic discussions related to these topics.


  • Full Understanding Not Necessary