Clubs / Movement

OELC/CASO CARES, Community Action Ripple Effect Strategy (CARES), will support our leaders to help create connections in their home communities. This summer’s offerings will focus on the development of resilience for our young leaders during this time.

Interested in being a part of our online experience this summer, but feel like committing to something only once a week? Club Membership is for you!

Designed to connect you with our OELC community, through a common area of interest. Timely topic matters, activities and sessions will help spread positivity, raise self-awareness and inspire action. Clubs/ Movements will set out to engage you with a community of like-minded youth from across the province.

A letter of accomplishment will be sent to you at the end of the summer. If you are interested in engaging online more than once per week, please consider our All Access CARE Pass or perhaps you want to go offline for the summer and may only be interested in our CARE Package.

Clubs / Movements

Clubs and Movements will engage students in their passions and/or areas they want to grow. Happening on a weekly basis, our clubs and movements will include but are not limited to:

  • Social Justice Movement
  • Mass Choir
  • Book Club
  • Words for Change Movement (song writing, poetry, creative writing, spoken word, speeches)
  • Escape Club
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Movement
  • Environment & Outdoors Club
  • Art & Soul Club
  • Movement Movement (Movement for all: Yoga, Boot Camp, Dance)
  • & More...

Some clubs will be considered “movements” as they will be looking to inspire action to make a difference on a particular societal issue. 

*indicates confirmation for July & August offerings

NOTE: Books for our Book Club are not included in the registration fee. Students will need to acquire books in advance of the book club independently.

Club Format

This level of membership will provide access for up to 2 club(s) and/or movement opportunities. Clubs will run once a week, for 5-weeks, from 3:30-5:00pm for 60-90 minutes. Lead by our innovative & caring facilitators, clubs will be facilitated with student resilience and well-being at the core.

Students aged 11-18 are welcome to join our clubs. Where appropriate, in situations like discussion sessions, students will be broken out into age appropriate break out rooms.

Clubs will be made accessible through Google classroom and google hangout.

A gmail account, and associated email address will be required to access clubs.

How to Register

Register now to pay for Club/ Movement Membership through our registration link below.

Club/Movement Sign-Up - We will circulate this list as well as post it HERE. Club preferences will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Letter of Accomplishmed available for specific sign up.nt - Upon completion of this club, students will have the opportunity to tell us about their growth and receive a letter of accomplishment.

Financial Support - If you are interested in this opportunity but are experiencing a financial barrier to being able to do so, please tell us through this form and we will work to acquire funding support for you! Funding Support Form

Start Date

Jul 13

End Date

Aug 14

Days Nights


Program Fee

$50 + HST

Uniform Fee


Register and pay for this course online
If you are unable to register online or require registration assistance call (705) 689-5572.