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OELC/CASO CARES, Community Action Ripple Effect Strategy (CARES), will support our leaders to help create connections in their homes and communities. This summer’s offerings will focus on the development of resilience for our young leaders during this time. Based on positive psychology founder, Martin Seligman’s principle of PERMA: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievement; youth will be provided intentional opportunities to connect with one another, direct energy toward purpose and reflect on their growth during this time.

Through the All-Access CARE Pass, participants will have drop-in access to a host of opportunities including but not limited to: Resilient Me Workshops, Reflectivityship, Skills Corner, Keynotes and Roundtable Discussions. Optional opportunities such as E-Cabins, Clubs and Movements require a weekly commitment but are completely optional. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in learning and self growth at their own pace with our very own Resilient Me Journal!

Youth will be provided a variety of flexible opportunities to learn, connect and grow over the summer. Our 5-week approach gives our youth and staff a much deserved breather from online environments at year-end and before September start-up. We recognize the diverse needs and desires of our youth. With this, we have built a completely scalable opportunity for fun, learning, connection and engagement as actively or passively as you wish this summer. To lead well, we need to be well!

Resilient Me Content

The following content will be delivered to meet the needs of our leaders and align with the weekly topic(s) of focus:

Resilient Me Journal - Participants will have the opportunity to engage in learning and self growth at their own pace with our very own Resilient Me Journal.

Through reflection, visioning, values identification and an action planning template, the Resilient Me Journal will foster an increased sense of self-awareness and connection to community.

Resilient Me Workshops - A variety of workshops intended to build resilience featuring topics such as: mental toughness, personal planning, problem solving, action planning and more...

Reflectivityship - Daily drop-in opportunities inspiring reflection, activity and relationships (ie. fitness, yoga, dance, visual arts, creative writing, etc).

Skills Corner - These one-time workshops will provide youth the opportunity to build skills to lead in their community and/or school (ie. creating a message, leading a club at school, creating a campaign, hosting intramurals, etc.).

Feature Content

This summer will include the following optional features:

Keynotes - A line up of markee leaders will be presented every Wednesday evening to tackle relevant topics, provide insights and guidance to help build resilient leaders and inspire action. These unique keynote speaker engagements will provide one of a kind opportunities to gain insight into leadership, leading and resiliency as we look ahead into the future. Families are welcome to watch these together to encourage discussion and grow together!

Stay tuned for our line-up of incredible speakers!

Roundtable Discussions - This is a weekly opportunity to come together and talk about a variety of topics aligned with our keynote speakers and panelists. Connections to self awareness, community and leadership opportunities in these ever changing times will be made.

Clubs and Movements - Clubs and Movements will engage students in their passions and/or areas they want to grow. Happening on a weekly basis, our clubs and movements will include but are not limited to:

  • Social Justice Movement
  • Mass Choir
  • Book Club
  • Words for Change Movement (song writing, poetry, creative writing, spoken word, speeches)
  • Escape Club
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Movement
  • Environment & Outdoors Club
  • Art & Soul Club
  • Movement Movement
  • & more!

E-Cabins - For those that wish, Electronic cabins will provide an opportunity, for those that wish to join a group of leaders from across the province, for discussion, reflection and community twice per week for 5-weeks.

Monday & Wednesday - Intermediate Cabins (Grades 6-8)

Tuesday & Thursday - Secondary Cabins - (Grades 9-12)

eCabins will run from 7:45-8:45pm

How it works

Register for your All Access CARE Pass through our registration link below.

We will circulate this list as well as post it HERE.

Weekly E-Newsletter - At the end of each week, participants will receive an e-newsletter outlining the offerings and opportunities for the week ahead.

2020 OELC/CASO Crest & Certificate - At the end of the summer, students will complete the end of summer survey and share with us their feedback around their participation, experience and ideas for positive change to receive their 2020 OELC/CASO Crest and Certificate.

CARE-Pass + self-CARE Package Combo - A $50 discount will be applied to those that wish to purchase this All Access CARE Pass as well as the self-CARE Package. Click here for more details about the self-CARE Package. Select “All-Access CARE Pass + self-CARE Package” when registering ($250 +HST, a $50 savings).

Financial Support - If you are interested in this opportunity but are experiencing a financial barrier to being able to do so, please tell us through this form and we will work to acquire funding support for you! Funding Support Form

Start Date

Jul 13

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Aug 14

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$100 + HST

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