COVID-19 Update

To Parents, Staff, and young Leaders

The health and safety of our staff and young leaders is the most important thing to us at OELC-CASO.
We understand that people want to know what we are planning for course sessions for 2021, so they can make their own plans. Due to Covid-19, OELC-CASO has decided not to accept any registrations for 2021 courses until April 30th.

We value our young leaders who attend OELC-CASO, and are not willing to operate any on-site courses at our location until we are 100% satisfied that we can operate in a safe and caring environment.

By April 30th, OELC-CASO will post an update on our website, to let you know if we will offer courses at our location for 2021.

This is a challenging time for parents, our staff, and your children. We ask for your patience, understanding and confidence in our organization that we are acting in the best interests of our OELC family.

Karen Albertson, President

Karen Albertson,
President of the Board