70th Anniversary


Thank you for joining us at our Open House in October to celebrate 70 years of leadership!

Click here to view the 70th Anniversary Event Video.

Alumni Testimonials: 

“Kay and I were honoured to be invited and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the experience. We commented that people were obviously enjoying 'being back’. The fellowship was infectious; everyone chatted and exchanged compliments about their experiences at OELC flowed naturally.

Our conversation while viewing the pictures brought back personal memories long buried. My experience in Cabin 6 was reflected by every other participant. Such consistency of program outcomes over so many years is very unusual and highly commendable.

The experience has awakened my love of the Centre and of the special education experiences it provides. Congratulations to staff and the excellent volunteers who were so ready to assist us. After teaching for a whole career I still have faith in our young people. I believe our future is in capable hands.

Thank you this uplifting experience.”

-Kay and Burle Summers


"A heartfelt thank you for the wonderful 70th Anniversary event you hosted today!

Our daughter is a first year alumnus, so we still have a lot to learn about the camp. We were amazed and fascinated by its history and spent a looong time in the Birch building taking in the vintage videos and beautifully curated photo display. What a priceless archive! 

We also enjoyed the escape room and loved that it allowed us to spend some time in one of the charming old cabins.

The lunch was delicious and beautifully laid out and during the meal, we had the chance to meet some of the caring staff. 

It was a truly lovely day, and a generous gift to all who attended. 

Thank you for all the hard work you put into it!"

 -  Gayle Hutchings


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