Testimonials from Leaders and Parents

At OELC/CASO, our 2020 program offerings are all about the CARE Strategy: Community Action Ripple Effect Strategy (CARES). Our intention is to support our leaders to help create connections in their home communities by becoming an agent of change. This fall’s offerings will focus on the development of global minded, local focused social justice warriors as agents of change in communities across Ontario.

If you’re a leader and/or parent/guardian and you’re unsure about what virtual OELC/CASO will look like, sound like and feel like, you’re not alone. We heard from many leaders and parents over the summer about their uncertainties when registering and at the beginning of the course. However, we also received overwhelmly positive feedback from leaders, parents and staff. So much so, we learned when we lead with our values and offer programs with the intention of helping youth connect with one another, focused around resilience, growth and community action ripple effect, alongside the guidance of our incredibly awesome staff - our leaders will thrive - in person and online! The OELC/CASO magic is closer to your home than ever before.

These testimonials are from our Summer 2020 OELC CASO CARES online program and Summer self-CARE Packages

Testimonials from Leaders

"This program was filled with OELC magic and optimism, which was very essential during these tough times resulting from the pandemic. I am very happy I participated in this program and without an iota of doubt, I will take part in OELC programs again!"

"It was different from usual camps, as you weren't able to really participate physically in any activities, but you made up for it by having deep, meaningful discussions, which I enjoyed. It was a nice change. :))))"

"I learned so much! The most important thing was probably about the letters in PERMA and what they mean and how to achieve them. Once I was able to think about them and make sure I had as many as possible I felt happier! I will definitely try to use it while starting to act on issues and starting projects so I can make sure I am doing something that I will be able to work on at my best."

"There are so many people like me that have so many great ideas and that want to create change despite the fact that we all are scattered across Ontario. I also learned the impact of resiliency on our daily lives and how it can help make us stronger mentally and how it can impact our mental toughness."

"The most important thing I learned through the various cabin challenges and through the OELC CASO CARES Program is my values and what I want to be remembered for. I learned my super value (forgiveness) and will let this value lead my way."

"I want people to have more opportunities to explore leadership. Somewhere where they won’t feel judged and that they can work together and make changes they want. I think running a program through the school that give the same impact as OELC with workshops and speakers to inspire these people"

"It was an amazing experience, I will always want to do whatever I can with OELC because it has brought me so many amazing experiences. This was a great way for everyone to come together during a global pandemic."

"This online program was the best and it really inspired me to make a positive impact in my community."

Testimonials from Parents/Guardians

"The clubs, the care package delivery, the mix of elements that gave my son camp-like moments of connection, focus and fun in a period of time where it’s been more difficult to find all 3 in any sustained way."

"This was the perfect opportunity in response to what is happening in the world. It gave my daughter connection, a feeling of belonging, and reminder her of all the ways she is important in the world. I can't thank you enough!"

"She loved going to the e-cabins in the evenings and connecting with others through games and challenges. She also engaged in more physical activities each day which was a boost for her. She loved the special edition Hoodie, backpack and other goodies and that it was hand delivered to our door."

"The e-cabin. It energized my son to connect with other campers in that environment. It was the highlight of his day. And the overall sequencing of things over 5 weeks with weekly keynotes - really nice way of replacing the crazy intensity of a 1-week camp learning experience with something that fit into and integrated with the summer over a few weeks, and was influencing thought and action over 5 weeks - not just when in live connection with others."

"All sessions that my daughter participated in were great. She was excited and eager to log on at the designated time each week for the sessions that she signed up for. The facilitators were fantastic."

"We loved the personal drop off of kits at the beginning. We weren't sure what to expect with the meetings and cabins- they were amazing. My daughter made sure to plan her other activities around so she didn't miss a session. She even logged on to the guest speaker and cabin meetings when we were on vacation."

"Thank you for putting this all together in such a short time. I'm not sure how she would have managed the summer without these activities and connections."

"Thank you for offering this! My teen really enjoyed each week's offerings, and the all-access option gave him agency and choice. It also helped him to be more purposeful in his use of tech. Kudos to the OELC team for putting such a great program together!"

"I just want to thank you. My son has attended OELC for four years - it has really helped him grow, and the camp is a highlight of his year. We are grateful that he got to enjoy a different but still impactful version of this experience, thanks to your hard work and creativity."

"A huge congratulations to everyone who worked to turn this unprecedented time into such a huge success! Most summer programs just gave up when they were told they couldn't open this summer. OELC instead turned lemons into lemonade! Whenever I told people my girls were in online summer camp they were amazed. Thank you to the TFs and YFs who had to quickly learn how to encourage all the leadership potential through a virtual platform. True leadership in action!"

Testimonials from Staff

"The casual, friendly approach to e-cabins was fantastic! Authentic conversations sprang from authentic connections; it became a fun, social club to look forward to rather than a chore to be reminded of twice a week. So so so so key with what essentially was 'virtual summer camp.'"

"100% the intention is to return to in-person facilitation with our leaders, but as a stand-in, the online OELC CASO program is still chalk-full of that magic!"

"The crazy amount of interaction we were able to have online, the connections made with leaders and other staff all over Ontario, the online attachment to OELC, the success of the entire program. It was amazing."

"At OELC, everyone is nervous on their first day and by the second is already themselves and feels comfortable around the others in their cabin. I was scared about how that could happen online and how we could form deep connections. However, after only a week online, that happened and I feel like we're all being ourselves and having honest conversations with each other."

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